Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How Healthy are you and your Business?

The Podcast below is presented by Dom O’Neill (@Dom__ONeill) his guests are Alison Davies (of Danusha – Jewellery business) and Mark Earnden (The Food Education Company).

We are looking at a healthy body for you and your staff but also a healthy soul for your business.

Dom asks the questions…

Is keeping healthy an important part of business?

If you are working hard, how do you make sure you get a good lunch?

Will it pay to be prepared?

How can fair trade products help your businesses social health?

How can you tell if a product is fair trade?

How can businesses make sure they are fair trade friendly, less wasteful and ensure they buy local?
To find out all of what our guests have to say, why not check out the Podcast above.

         An apple a day keeps the Doctor away and a healthy diet is not as hard as you think.

Finally: The fact of the show has to be that the UK wastes 2 million bananas every day!!!

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