Tuesday, 13 November 2012

MYOBShow: Having a go at an Expo & the recession is over. Episode 3 of Series 2

This week the show was on the road at the North East Expo. While out and about Presenter Dom was joined by Ahmed Khan - a successful North East McDonalds franchisee, Mike Lever - from New Results Training and Tom Keighley - Editor at bdaily.co.uk 

We started the show with the week’s business news:

Story 1: The US Election - Barack Obama won

Story 2: North East Expo - What was it all about?

Story 3: UK car market recovered in October

"Sales in new cars recovered in October after registrations increased by 12.1% to 151,252 units, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

The UK car market defied European trends where demand is down, and brought the total number of new units to 1.8m over the last year.

This figure demonstrates an 83,823 increase in new car units from 2011, and SMMT predicts the total for the year will reach over 2m units.

Contrastingly, the UK commercial vehicle market suffered an 8.1% fall in registrations from September toOctober, although this represents a 16.3% year-on-year". Miranda Dobson - www.bdaily.co.uk

To find out more: Click to read the article bdaily.co.uk UK car Market Recovers in October

After the news the show moved onto topic 1, Dom asked how do you make an impression at a big event such as the North East Expo and how do you measure expo success?

Further questions:
Are you there to sell a product, the company, yourself or all?
How do you get people to your stall?
What do visitors want?
Do you have any tips on preparing for a show?

Topic 2 was about the UK being out of recession! Dom asked: What dose that mean to SME's in the UK?

Click here to read more on the subject via the bdaily.co.uk article UK Economy Grows

Further questions:
The GDP numbers are so small; will they make any difference in day to day business?
Have you seen any difference in your business?
Is it still too early to tell what might happen?

To find the answers to the above questions and more click play on the embedded mixcloud.com player above and enjoy.

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