Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cottage over a hostel, a cop out or quid’s in?

I feel it is important to take a break for time to time. Cash flow can be an issue so I often set a budget for my travels. When traveling on a low budget I usually book myself into a hostel. However on my last trip to Islay - a beautiful island in the west of Scotland - some travel buddies and I decided to hire a cottage.

I took the ferry over from the main land but you can fly with Flybe.

Some of the group felt hiring a cottage wasn't in the spirit of traveling and would cost too much. However I disagreed.

The view from the cottage.
My cottage: Number 11 Shore Street, was a hop, skip and jump away from Port Charlotte’s beautiful yet petit beachfront.

As there were a number of us staying in the cottage so it worked out much cheaper per person than the local youth hostel.

Having said that the youth hostel and the pub were just across the road from the cottage, which meant we could still socialise with our friends and mingle with the locals

Our large warm kitchen became a Mecca for my buddies - who were staying at the hostel - when they were turfed out of their room at 10am.

Having my own room, comfy bed and a clean, private shower made the trip more relaxing. I had more cash and energy to put into my travels during the day and on into the night. Unlike my friends in the hostel who were kept awake by the snoring Dutch bikers who were sharing their dorm.

Staying in a cottage can provide inexpensive accommodation for the savvy voyager who is traveling as part of a group.

Happy travels.


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