Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Travelling First Class Can Save you Money!

Last summer I managed to book train tickets from Edinburgh to Newcastle Upon Tyne (during the Edinburgh Festival) where a 1st class ticket was 50p cheaper than 2nd. How was that? Was it a fluke? I was interested to find out more.

After some research I found out that cheap 1st class ticket are more readily available during school holidays. The 2nd class coaches are full of families while 1st class business commuters are thin on the ground. There will always be a set amount of cheap 1st class tickets on every train. During school holidays the cheap 2nd class tickets often sell quicker than the cheap 1st class ones.

During the day is a good time to get cut price 1st class tickets. Business travelers usually need to be in the office by 9am and wont leave till 5pm. Between 9am-5pm there will be less 1st class business travelers. So you are more likely to get a cheap ticket if you search for tickets on trains which travel during the middle of the day. For more advice on how to make real savings on train travel in the UK read the blog: Making Train Travel Cheaper

A week after my Edinburgh trip I needed to book a journey from Newcastle to Glasgow. The standard price on the 18:15 to Glasgow was £23.15. I checked 1st class ticket prices, they were only £1.35 more expensive.

That was still a good deal - in first class the train operator (East Coast Trains) provided free hot drinks, wi-fi and a selection free food (at set times) to premium passengers. Which is a bargain at an extra £1.35 as wi-fi alone would have coast me £9.95 in 2nd class.

If you have the time to go online and filter through ticket prices plus you have the flexibility on when you can travel it’s always worth having a look at the 1st class tickets, you can often be surprised.

Happy travels.


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