Friday, 11 January 2013

A Week in Tweets

Had a busy week? Feel a tad out of the loop? Don't worry it happens to us all. These are the top stories of the week on Twitter.

UK News:


"The Obama administration has expressed concern about the UK weakening its relationship with the European Union".

EU News   

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"A senior ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that German lawmakers would not approve any aid to Cyprus unless the Mediterranean country conformed to EU rules on transparency and money laundering".

US News: 

"Ford plans to hire 2,200 new staff in the US this year, in response to the continuing rise in American car sales.

The country's second-largest carmaker by sales, it said it would hire engineers, computer programmers and other office workers". 

World News:

Google chairman begins controversial North Korean visit
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"Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on Monday arrived in North Korea on a private visit, despite apprehension from the US government over the timing of the trip. He is the highest-profile US executive to visit the communist nation".

Internet News:

Careful what you click on!
 A word of warning from

"One year after a plan to reform European data protection laws was unveiled, it is still the focus of intense debate. It seems reaching an agreement will not be easy.

One of the key aims is to give people more control over their private details on the web and to tackle other growing problems, including identity theft. "

And Finally:

"Images released by NASA from the Hubble Telescope show a vast field of debris encircling the nearby star Fomalhaut and a mysterious planet circling it may provide forensic evidence of a massive planetary disruption in the system".

Now you are up to date.

Have a good weekend.

Dom O'Neill
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