Friday, 18 January 2013

Business: A week in Tweets

This week the team from @MYOBShow have been scouting the net for the weeks top news stories to keep you in the loop. 

Each week we give you the best online news headlines and the top line of each story. If you like what your read click on the headline link and you'll be taken you to the relevant page.

UK News, reports:

Headline: Jobs Threat as HMV in Administration

“Retailer HMV has called in the administrators putting hundreds of jobs in Scotland, and 4000 across the UK, under threat.

It is the latest blow to hit the high street following the collapse of electricals chain Comet in December and camera retailer Jessops last week.

HMV, which first opened 92 years ago, has 22 stores north of the Border including in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Edinburgh's Princes Street and some of the country's busiest shopping malls. In total, it has 240 stores in the UK and Ireland.”

@BBCBusiness looks into: Vouchers and Gifts: Your Rights and also reports that there is yet another casualty to the digital revolution Blockbuster Enters Administration

US News via @BBCBusiness:

Headline: Profits Fall at Bank of America

“Bank of America has reported a big fall in quarterly profits after it had to take another financial hit on bad mortgage debt.

The second-largest bank in the US made a net profit of $732m (£457m) in the last three months of 2011, down from $2bn a year earlier.” also reported: Bank of America Profit Falls After Mortgage Related Charges

EU News from @France24_en: 

Headline: French Employers, Unions Agree to Labour Law Reform

“France's powerful unions agreed to labour law reforms on Friday giving more flexibility to employers, who say the country's strict laws are stifling the economy. The deal allows for greater latitude in cutting salaries and firing staff.”

Plus positive News from Europe via @BBCBusiness Volkswagen Sales Hit Record High

Internet News: @MYOBShow
The MYOB Radio Show is back with the weeks top Podcast. The recommendations were The Geoff Lloyd Home Time Show and The Social Media Examiner Podcast. Listen to the reviews via the embedded player below.

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World News from @AJEnglish:

“Shanghai, China - This country's economic boom has lifted millions of its citizens out of poverty and led to predictions it will become the world's largest economic power by 2030. However, while China's GDP has increased, so has the gap between its wealthiest and poorest citizens, placing the country among the most unequal nations in the world, according to a study by a Chinese institute.”

And Finally: News via "@euronews: 
Headline: 2013 Set to be Earth's Brightest Ever For Comets

“Star-gazers will be treated to the brightest comet ever seen from Earth this year.

Comet ISON, discovered by astronomers in September 2012, is forecast to appear in the Northern hemisphere sky on November 28 2013. By day it will be visible with the naked eye, while by night it’s expected to outshine a full moon.”

Now you‘re up to date. You can keep yourself in the loop all week long - Find breaking news via our feed Twitter @MYOBShow.

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