Friday, 25 January 2013

Business: A Week in Tweets

This week @MYOBShow has been scouting the net for the weeks top news stories (with a business twist) to keep you in the loop. 

Each week on the blog we give you the best headlines and the opener of each story. If you like what you read click on the headline link and you'll be taken you to the relevant page.

"Just when David Cameron thought he was on a roll (Europe speech, unemployment down, best PMQs for ages) along comes that old enemy - GDP - to spoil the party. 

That the UK economy shrank in the final 3 months of 2012 was not unexpected. That it contracted more than predicted, however, is a problem for Numbers 10 and 11."

US News from

Headline:Barack Obama inauguration 
"Barack Obama kicks off his second term with a scaled-back inauguration and an appeal to America to 'seek common ground'."

EU News via
"Some business leaders have warned that David Cameron's EU referendum proposal will hurt investment, but others have backed the prime minister's move.

The head of US-based investor Pimco, Mohamed El-Erian, said it would raise the UK's cost of borrowing in markets." 

MYOB News: 
This week on the MYOB Show we answered the question why your health is your business? Plus we found out why you should take time out to investing in rest. We reviewed a budget airline and asked Jet2: Good Value or Plane Old Cheap? While in our podcast we investigated Staycations (the affordable way to take a holiday)

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World News from

"An Australian company claims it has found an untapped shale oil field with estimated reserves that could potentially put the country next to remarkably oil-rich Saudi Arabia. Still, extracting the discovered treasure poses a huge technical challenge."

And Finally:
asks, could Mars support life? Underground lake found in Mars crater
"While NASA's Curiosity Rover has been stealing the headlines, new evidence from another of the space agency's Mars missions has revealed what appears to be a wet underground environment on the planet." 

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