Monday, 21 January 2013

Business: Your Health Is Your business

When you are your business your physical and mental health is a top priority! In this interview Dom chats to guest Mark and Alison on the role health plays in any small business.

Plus we find a fact about bananas that will shock you! Press Play on the player and find out what it is.

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The Podcast above is presented by Dom O'Neill his guests are Alison Davies (of Danusha - Jewellery business) and Mark Earnden (Chef - The Food Education Company)

An apple a day (plus a holiday or two) keeps the Dr away.

The Podcast: Questions:

 Is keeping healthy an important part of business?

If you are working hard, how do you make sure you get a good lunch?

How can fair trade products help your businesses social health?

How can you tell if a product is fair trade?

How can businesses make sure they are fair trade friendly, less wasteful and buy local?

To find out the answers check out the Podcast above.

Keeping a healthy body and soul while working hard is not as hard as you think.

Taking holidays and maximizing your relaxing time play a major part of good mental and physical health. Find out more on via blogs The Staycation - Have your say and Podcasts of the Week.

Take Care

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