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Technology: 6 Tips for a Great Sounding Video Blog

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Now you know the 8 Tips for Great Looking Video Blogs  (if you don't know them, click on the link and read the blog) you'll need to learn the 6 very simple tips to enable your video blog to sound as good as it looks.

Video blogging is built on its universal accessibility: the pro has the same platform as the bedroom video blogger. With this in mind this blog will concentrating on technique rather than expensive technology. As with everything to do with sound recording, the world and his wife have their own opinion on what is good and what is not. However in this blog I'm using the rules we use here at MYOB Show.

A basic guideline before we start: We (at MYOB Show) feel an interview with one person should last no more than 5 - 10 minutes depending on the skill of the interviewer and the knowledge of the interviewee. Quality is always better than quantity. However if you feel you can go longer and keep the audience interested then why not give it a try. 

6 Tips for a Great Sounding Video Blog

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Introduce your guests and mention any related facts about them which could be relevant to the interview. Points 1 and 2 give the listener context about who they are listening to and the validity of any arguments made.

3. The headline: Explain what the feature is about, and most importantly why we (the audience) should listen! Keep it snappy! Some reports suggest you only have seven seconds to convince someone to watch your video before they watch something else.

4. Make sure you have questions ready & know what you want to get from the interview – you shouldn't “wing it” (make it up as you go) - as you can easily loose focus or run out of interesting chat. 

5. However "go with the flow" if the conversation leads to something useful but off topic go for it! You can always bring it back on topic with the next question.

6. End by summing up the interview, then thank your guest.

Now you know, give them a try and let me know how you get on.

Dom O'Neill 

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