Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Technology: 8 Tips for Great Looking Web Blog Interviews

Do you have a message you feel the world should know? If so why not create a video blog?

Take one and action!

 Video blogs are a great way to spread your message, they are relatively cheap and a load of fun. To start a basic video blog all you need is a lap top or desk top computer with a camera, a mic and internet connection (pretty standard computer kit these days).

A top way to promote your message is to gets someone else w
ho shares your vision to say it for you. Did you know? You don't even need to leave the office (or house) to get interviews. 

To create a video blog interview you can use free online software such as Skype and the Evaer Skype recorder (both services offer paid for options too)

Once you have the basic kit you can get started. Now over the years working in broadcasting (both online and traditional) I
have picked up some hints and tips to make basic interviews look as professional as possible. I have listed eight top tips below. 

8 Tips for Great Looking Web Blog Interviews

Set your chosen Skype recorder to record both interviewer and interviewee side by side. This means the audience can see both  sides of the conversation without any need to edit (unless you want to edit that is).

Make sure both you and your interviewee are on a reliable computer (if a lap top - check that it is plugged in and not running on its battery!). 

A computer wired to the internet is best, but wi-fi is fine. Try not to use 3G internet for Skype chats as 3G is not reliable enough.

For the recording itself both interviewer and interviewee should be situated in the center of the screen and not too close to the camera.

Remember you may be on screen at all times so nod and look interested when your not talking.
The back of shot should not be too busy. Excess movement in a shot makes the image more complex, the file size will grow which will effect streaming. As large, data hungry files are more likely to suffer from pixelation and breaks in the streamed picture or audio.

 A still, plain, non–reflective background is best to sit in front of (perhaps with your company’s branding visible in the background).

Finally, to create good quality Skype pictures the lighter a room the better.

Go for it, give video blogging a try and let me know how you get on.

Take care,
Dom O'Neill 

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