Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Technology: What is a Podcast? How do I benifit?

If you are busy and your time is valuable what you need is choice and flexibility in all  aspects of your life.

The Past

In the pre-internet age choice and flexibility were not always available especially when it came to listening to audio content. That all changed in the early 2000's as Internet developer Dave Winer and US broadcaster Adam Curry created software to make searching and downloading online audio easier. 

So What?

The software enabled the listener (folk like you and I) with a computer to search for and subscribe to content from a particular producer via an RSS feed. An RSS feed is a code which works with Podcatcher software to enable you to subscribe to a particular Podcast. In a similar way to the series link option on your TiVo, Freeview+ or Digital satellite TV recorder box.

Once subscribed to an RSS feed you are sent the chosen producer’s content via the internet. The content is stored on your computer or transferred to a portable audio player (eg. iPod, mp3 player or smart phone). The content can then be accessed at a time of your choosing. Podcasts offer you choice and control over what you listen to and when.

The Future?

Podcasting is constantly changing and listening to Podcast has never been easier. For an increasing amount of Podcast, you no longer have to download or fiddle on with RSS feeds. Listeners can now stream Podcasts direct to their smart phones over the mobile network. Click here to see an example of a streamed Podcast which has been embedded in a blog. This is an increasingly popular way for Podcasters to connect with you their audience.

 A Google search for "Podcast" generates over 372 million hits. With all that choice how do you know what Podcasts are good (as many are not)? You are busy, you want the most useful content, funniest sketches and most informative interviews, but what to choose?

In 2013 the MYOB Show blog will trawl the web and bring you the best audio blogs, radio shows and Podcast to help you live the dream.

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