Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Travel: Invest In Rest!

Your body, soul and bank account will feel the benefit in the long run.

Take it easy

I have been a freelancer for many years and I know first hand that being your own boss is much tougher than being someones employee. 

Here are the facts...

Small business owners as a group work an average of 15.3 million extra days each year compared to "staffers". 

An employees average week is around 40 hours,
while a small business owners average week is closer to 50 hours a week. I’ve had weeks where I’ve done much more, how about you?
So with all the extra hard work you put in, when was the last time you went away on holiday? 

Did you know? 75% of small business owners took less than 28 days of holiday last year. Tot up how many you took, is the number above 28 days?

In an interview reported by bdaily.co.uk last year: Yorkshire Bank East Region director, Richard Norrington, says: “small business owners (should) recognise the importance of investing time in mental, physical and social well-being, which can be as valuable as cash is to your business”.

I know what you may be thinking "I don't have the time" and "where's the cash for that coming from?!"

Those are the question I used to ask. Holidays can be cheaper than you think read the blog Cottage over a hostel, a cop out or quid’s in? I never invested in rest in the past but then my body gave up and my back to give in. 

I was out of action for weeks and as a freelancer I did not receive sick pay for my time off. The injury (and lack of work as a result) ended up costing me a small fortune in both cash, energy and moral. I know from personal experience how much it pays to invest in rest.

These days I always try to get away once every 6 months... minimum! Why not try a short stay-cation somewhere close by. For ides read the blog Travel: Islay an Unexpected Gem.

Invest in rest – your body, soul and bank account will feel the benefit in the long run!


If you get the chance, why not take some time out for an adventure...


Or take a long weekend off and enjoy a city break...


Or why not take a week in the sun to relax? You deserve it.

Can't afford a big holiday? Why not try a staycation? Listen to the MYOB Show Staycation blog via the embedded player below.

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Happy traveling,


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