Thursday, 10 January 2013

Travel: Islay an Unexpected Gem

I believe time off is such an essential part of my working life.

For a holiday last spring I decided to take a stay-cation on the beautiful island of Islay.

The bay at Port Charlotte

I was skeptical of holidaying on Islay.  My past memories of the Western Isles were of horizontal rain and biting winds. However as friends were getting married on the island I decided to brave it.

I felt the most fun way to travel to Islay was by road and boat, which took around eight hours  - There was the option of a forty minute flight from Glasgow but that didn’t seem as interesting. Plus I'm not a fan of flying. See why via the Blog "Is a Fear of Flying Irrational?"

If you want to travel on the train to Glasgow check out the blog Making the Train Cheaper for advice on how to get your train tickets for less.

Anyway, back to my stay, me and some mates hired a cottage on the island... best idea ever! See why via the blog "Cottage Over Hostel Cop Out Or Quids in"

On the first day on Islay the weather was warm, the sun shone bright and once I started to explore, my skepticism faded away .The locals were friendly and welcoming.  The scenery was cinematic. While the crystal blue waters and white beaches created an almost Mediterranean vibe –  until I went in the water, even in spring the water was more Baltic then tropic. Not that that bothered me however.
My week in Islay was a relaxing and tranquil surprise and just goes to show that you don’t have to go far for a top traveling experience. 

Happy travels,


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