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Travel: Why fly Jet2: The Review

Whether you are taking a business trip or investing in rest, what most of us are looking for above all else is good value for money. Budget airline are often cheap but not all are good value. Today I am reviewing Jet2 and ask is Jet2 good value or plane old cheap? 

A Jet2 aircraft getting ready to travel
from Majorca to Newcastle

Where do they fly and how much will it cost?


Jet2 fly to many holiday destinations from the UK including Majorca, Gran Canaria, Nice and Cyprus to name a few.

If you are traveling for work, Jet2 also fly to a number business  destinations including Edinburgh, Rome, Paris and Barcelona.

To get a full list of destinations check out Jet2 Destination Map.

Ticket Price

 Ticket prices start at £18 if you travel from either Leeds Bradford or Belfast to selected destinations. From many other airports  tickets starts from £20-£40. However as with all budget airlines tickets prices rise the closer it is to the date of departure. Which means it pays to be prepared and book early.

Seat Reservation:

Added to your ticket price you may want to pay for a seat reservation (at around £5 per seat per journey). This will add an extra cost to any journey - which will be magnified if you are buying multiple tickets. On the flip side however pre-booking takes away the stress of seat selection. You don't have to rush down to the airport early to bag the best seats. If you're paying for seat reservation I would recommend paying a tad more for an extra leg room seat. In my opinion this extra leg room will pay for itself in comfort and relaxation especially if your tall like me!

In Flight:

There is no such thing as a freebie on a Jet2 flight. All extras need to be paid for! However, Jet2's prices are comparable with its rivals. Plus, if you travel at the end of a season you can end up quids in (as I found on my last trip). Jet2 like many retailers have end of season sales, which means at the right times of the year good deals can be had while in the air.

Booking Fee:

Like most budget airlines these days Jet2 charge you a  
booking fee: (quotes from Jet2 & fees correct at date of blogging)
"A booking fee of 3% will be applied to all payment methods except for Solo and Visa Electron cards which are free".

 "For payments by Debit card (except for Solo and Visa Electron) the minimum charge will be £2.49".

"In addition to the above Booking Fee, credit cards will incur an additional fee of 1.75% with a minimum charge of £4.99."

"In addition to the above booking fee, payments using PayPal will incur an additional fee of 1% with a minimum charge of £3.49."

How can I save more?

Booking fees are very unpopular with travelers because they can up the cost of a trip quite considerably. If you fly a lot it my be worth applying for a solo or a visa Electron card - as neither of these type of cards are charged a booking fee.

If you are on a short business trip or city break you will probably only need hand luggage which. Traveling hand luggage only means you can take advantage of online check in and wave your hold luggage fee. Jet 2 offer a comparable hand luggage size compared with their rivals. You can bring 1 bag of no larger then  56cm x 45cm x 25cm in size on any Jet2 flight. Which isn't bad compared to Jet2's rivals Ryanair (who allow 1x 10kg bag of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and Flybe (1x bag of up to 50cm x 35cm x 23cm in size).

For those who need more luggage it pays to be prepared. You can book hold luggage from £7.99. A hold luggage bag can weigh up to 22kg. Booking bags into the hold online and in advance will save you quite a bit of money compared to booking it in at the airport on the day of departure.

To review Jet2 I needed to take some test flights. The flights I took were in mid October on a return flight between Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) and Majorca (Spain).

Was it a stressful experience?

Printing off my own boarding pass and opting to travel hand luggage only saved me time, money and stress.  Online booking speeded up my check in time and allowed me to arrive at the airport around 50 minutes before the flight rather than the usual 90 minutes to 2 hours prior. I hate airports so anything which enables me to spend less time in a airport and save me money at the same time is a massive benefit.

To sum up...

The crew were friendly and didn't oversell to me. Of course they were selling everything under the sun, but unlike some budget and holiday airlines the crew were less in my face about it.

Apart from the fact that the plane very cold, I really didn't have anything to complain about. The plane took off on time and landed early. The seats were comfortable and even in the "non-extra leg room" seats spacious. I noticed the seats on Jet2 planes were thinner than usual. Thinner seats would hint at less padding, however the seats were comfortable even on a 4 hour flight.

Jet2 offered a pleasant flight at a good price. Which is good value for money in my book!

Happy travels,

Dom O'Neill

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