Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Business: It's Your Message But Who's Listening?

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Do you have a message you want everyone to hear? Contributing to a Podcast or a radio show is a great way to get your message out.

Give it a go! Its free to do and great exposure for you and your message.

When you are a contributor on a show you need to know who you are talking to.

In 2006 The Radio Advertising Bureau suggested that there were two types of radio listener. 

1. The “habitual” peak time “wallpaper” listener.

On the whole commercial radio in the UK, US and Europe is aimed at habitual listeners. With radio programmes designed to be secondary and background.

The linear nature, lack of user control and the low-demand nature of the programming allows more concentration to be given to other task such as working or driving. Radio is a background companion and a source of low attention entertainment.

To talk to this audience you need to keep all information light, short, sharp and to the point. I
t’s always best to keep it simple as the audience may not be engaged enough to fully understand complex concepts.  

2. The “Discretional listener”.

Documentry’s, podcasts and on-demand audio are aimed at the discretional listeners. Interesting, informative and niche spoken word content is what the discretional listener wants. Digital technology allows the listener to access their favorite programmes at a time and place to suit them. A discretional listener will make a deliberate choice to tune in to a particular programme. All this means the discritional listener is more engaged in programmes and is able to understand and think about complex ideas.

When speaking to this audience quality information is king. As long as what you are saying is relevant and coherent simplicity is not a strict necessity. This audience is wanting to be entertained and informed so make sure everything you talk about is well researched, interesting an informative.

Now you know the two types of audience and how to chat to them. 

What Next?

Spread your message, make contact with a relevant Podcast or talk radio show and see if they are looking for contributors for future shows. 

What’s the harm in asking? I bet you many programmes will be looking for people just like you to be part of their show.

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Let me know how you get on.

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