Friday, 8 February 2013

Business: A Week in Tweets

OMG (as the kids say)! Its been a busy week as we get ready for the new series of MYOB show! Don't worry though, we've still had time to sift through the weeks interesting, informative and entertaining business news via Twitter.

Each week on the blog we give you the best headlines and the 140 character opener of each story. If you like what you read click on the headline link and you'll be taken you to the relevant page.

UK News via @
This week we found out how much it cost to fix Mr Beans super car!
Atkinson crashed a McLaren F1.
Photo By Eliot from Las Vegas
 "Actor Rowan Atkinson has successfully claimed £910,000 to fix his smashed-up McLaren F1 supercar, it was reported today.."

US News Via :
Our second story made us think and ask, will less choice mean you pay more? 

Headline: American and US airlines to create world’s biggest air carrier

Photo by Arpingstone: American B777 in close up

 "American Airlines and US Airways are preparing a merger deal what will create the world’s biggest air carrier worth $10 billion. The merger could happen as early as next week according to CBS News."

EU News via
Story three shows that the EU can agree on an issue... eventually.
The EU flag

  "European leaders have finally agreed a budget deal for the rest of the decade after a marathon 25-and-a-half hour negotiation session in Brussels, that will lead to the first cut in EU spending in its 56-year history."
World News via :
 This is a shocking story from Mexico. 

 "Mexican mayors in the western state of Michoacan have admitted to paying off drug cartels to avoid being killed." 

Get involved!

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And finally a story via
Our last story begs the question: Art is all very well, but does it all need to be on display?
 "The residents of a Japanese town have asked for a replica of Michelangelo's David to be fitted with underpants.
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