Monday, 25 February 2013

Podcast: Series 4 EP1 - Message

On the show this week we are living the dream & discovering your message! "Who are you and what do you do?"

Our first guest on Skype is UK TV and radio presenter Kevin Devine from the Youtube project Devine Encounters. He explains to us how the digital online world became a home for his message.

Remember: If it worked for him it can work for you too!

We also talk to Leanne Kane a freelance TV researcher / AP about how she found her message and how Leanne gets her message across to others in the UK TV industry.

Plus Paul Dunn, actor and "creative type" from Sunderland Rep joins us in the studio. Paul helps us get to grips with idea of finding your voice and place in the creative world.

In his weekly feature Producer Alister finds out about creating and a promoting your message.

While in the tech session we are investigating, spreading your message on social media, we pit Twitter against Facebook against Linked-in but which one will rule supreme?

Find out on the show!



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