Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Podcast: Series 4 EP5 - Future

The MYOB Show today: Dom O'Neill, Alistair & guests discuss the future for your dream in the post recession digital age.

Is the land-scape of your future big and bright?
Dom and Alistair ask: will giving up your free time and becoming a volunteer or an intern help future proof your dream? Could volunteering give you extra skills and knowledge that would otherwise be out of your reach?

Volunteering  is a double edged sword however, as there are a number of employers who take advantage of keen young volunteers and exploit them for their own gain.

To counter this Dom - from his years of experience - has created his need to know top tips on making sure you are not being take for a ride when volunteering.

Also on the show: Alistair discovers why you need an app... or do you?

Plus as part of our tech session we are getting the job done on the run. We ask which is best:



Or Smartphone?

Find out which one comes out on top on this weeks MYOB Show!

Today's guests are Emma Clifford from BBC Radio Scotland and regular contributor to the show and Ed O'Neill - MD of English In Newcastle. 

What is the MYOB Show?

Are you your own boss? If so, this is the show for you. It’s packed full of useful tips and advice from others just like you who are living the dream.

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Dom O'Neill
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