Thursday, 14 March 2013

Why Should you Keep it Simple?

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Digital Radio (DAB) in the UK is a great example of why we all need to keep it simple

As part of a recent MA in Radio Production I looked into the subject of why DAB is not the success many predicted it would be?

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In the face of the new media age the UK government launched DAB Digital radio in 1995. However, the uptake of DAB has hardly been meteoric.

On the other hand Digital TV is a huge success in the UK - with all TV watching homes now digital. Why has the same not happened to DAB?

They didn’t keep it simple:
For “Technophobes” DAB takes away one of radios great selling points: its simplicity! For some, DAB simply offers too much choice.

‘Display screens’ with additional information - such as artist names, song titles and news - confuse some users. These display screen also fail to wow ‘tech fans’, who are under-whelmed by DAB’s failure to offer enough benefits over analogue radio.

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Traditional radio is simple and easy to use which is a major reason for its success. DAB is not as simple and radio sets cost more. DAB doesn’t offer enough quality benefits over its analogue predecessor to justify the cost of upgrading. While free web radio services such as the Tune In App, or the can offer more choice for no money. 

What are you working on at the moment? Want to avoid ending up like DAB? Think about what you are creating, is it simple? Is it easy to use? Will your idea, product or creative project make life easier and better for people who are using it? If you can answer yes to all you could be on to a winner.

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