Monday, 22 April 2013

How to Bag a Bargain Holiday!

Do you ever get those emails from holiday companies which contain all their wow deals and headline grabbing holidays? Then you click on the link in the email and all the bargain holidays are no-where to be seen?! In today's blog we'll discover how you get your hands on those deals.

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The first step

Sign up for as many holiday company email alerts and e-magazines as you can. I have an email specifically for online deals and subscriptions - that way my important email addresses don't get clogged with spam.

Learn what you are up against

Many of these wow deals are to grab your attention and draw you to a holiday companies web site. Some of the deals will be so good the holiday company will make little to no money out of them. These are known as loss leaders. There wont be many of each holiday going for the low price. Once the cheap prices are gone everyone else who visits the web site for a holiday will need to pay more. 

You could be here!

Get in early

Learn when each holiday company sends its emails (check previous emails - look at time and day they were sent). Many of these emails and ezines will be sent out at similar times and days each week. Most are sent in the evening or dead of night when servers are less busy.  

For example Directline Holidays usually email me on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays, while Jet 2 send emails out most Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday's mostly after 16:00. 

Once you have received the email, read it strait away to find the best deals. When you see a holiday you want (and can afford it) book it there and then don't sleep on it. Don't wait till the morning to find your dream trip away. The holiday may be there in the morning but the value price may not! 

Warning: Make sure you can afford to pay for your holiday - set yourself a price limit before you read the emails and don't go for holidays out of that price budget! For advice on how to save for a holiday check out the Podcast - Episode 7: Start Up

To sum up

To get your bargain holiday you need to do your research. Find the deals early and book as soon as you have found the holiday that is right for you (and that you can afford). When it comes to booking cheap vacations the early bird catches the worm, then that bird goes on holiday for cheap (bad pun I know)!
If you want more ideas on how to afford a holiday this year check out MYOB Shows travel blogs and Podcasts...

Why Travel Off Season? 

Take care,

Dom O'Neill

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