Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Love to Travel but not to Fly?

To be honest I have no issue with flying. 

I think its amazing that folk have created a machine that can get us from the UK to Australia in around a day.

So what is the point in this blog you ask?
Well my issue is not flying itself, but the sudden and explosive lack of flying, which occurs when stuff hits the fan and the plane hits the ground.

This blog asks the question should we pay more attention to who is flying us?

"Who is the pilot?"

Have you ever asked that question?

Now, when you want a cleaner, you interview potential candidates.

You do this for a person who is going to clean your house and maybe do some ironing, but realistically what’s the worst they can do? To date I have not heard of a single person slam into a mountain due to poor ironing.

On the other hand you have a pilot. Now this person’s job is to fly you around at hundreds of miles an hour in what can only be described as a highly explosive metal tube.

Now said person, who you are trusting with this massively dangerous task, only bothers to pipe up once you are in the air and by then it’s too bloody late!

I’m don’t have an irrational fear of flying…

I actually have a totally rational fear of strangers balls-ing things up!

Until the day comes when I get to see the CV of the pilot prior to travel I'm much happier on the train! Yes... I admit I don't know if the train driver is any good either but on a train the driver only has to deal with forward and back. Unlike a pilot who needs to deal with 360 degrees of trouble.

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Happy travels,

Dom O'Neill

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