Monday, 15 April 2013

Making the Quiet Coach Quieter


Whether I'm traveling for work or for pleasure there is one thing guaranteed to grind my gears - noisy people in the quiet coach!

A Cross Country 125 waits at Newcastle Central
Station. Photo © Dom O’Neill
It’s madness, why do some people find it so hard to understand the concept of the trains quiet coach? It's simple... be quiet or sit in one of the other nine or so non-quiet coaches!

Plus when these people are banging on and making loads of noise you can’t shout at them because your in a quiet coach… the ruddy irony!!!

But what can you do?

We'll luckily in today's blog we have a number of answers to that question.

What the ear can't hear the brain can't care about...

Ear Plugs £3.35

Take a snooze...


The new media solution...

 If you are capable of being quiet and have a smartphone or tablet device (with headphones) you could read a blog or listen to a Podcast. 

MYOB Show has loads of free blogs on Travel, Business and technology plus great Podcasts to keep you happy, relaxed and entertained while you travel.

If you like to travel by train check out the blogs  
Making Train Travel Cheaper
and First Class Can Save you Money.

If people are being noisy in the quiet coach of your train you have two choices. You can politely ask them to shut up (if you are brave enough). Or you can chill out (use one or more of the tips above) and embrace the fact that in a couple of hours you'll probably never have to see any of them again.

Take care

Dom O'Neill

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