Friday, 19 April 2013

Organic & Natural Stress Beating Advice

Having a long day? Things not bad but not good either? At a loose end but not sure why?

You need non-specific sighing.

In today's blog we take a non-scientific look at a stress reliving technique which I find work wonders - I call it "non specific sighing".

Non specific sighing is 100% natural, organic and home made. It uses no harmful chemicals and no animals are harmed because of it.

Me in need of a non specific sigh

What is non-specific sighing?

A TV production manager friend introduced me too it a couple of years ago. 

While in the office I would from time to time hear her sigh. When I asked her what was up she would say "oh just sighing". When I asked why? She would say "nothing... I'm just having a sigh".

 I tried it and you know, its a great idea! I find a good sigh is great for the soul and surprisingly relaxing. Plus it draws more oxygen into the body and brain (which can help you think)

Which means you are in a much better position mentally when inevitably life hands you yet another challenge.

Non-specific sighing is all about pre-empting and preparing for life's little disappointments to allow you to be in a better position to deal with them successfully.

Try non-specific sighing today, its free to do and requires no training. It can get you in the right frame of mind to take on the world one problem at a time.

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 Take care

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