Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Podcast: Series 4 EP 6 - "Creative"

On Today's MYOB Podcast: Presenter Dom O'Neill and guests discussed working in the creative industries in the “post recession” digital age.

On set of the short film Silly Billy

Dom and the team found out what its like on the ground from those  who are living the dream outside the big cultural centers (eg. London, Paris or L.A.).

Dom chatted to guests Paul Dunn (actor / creative type) and Josh Coles (digital creative) about paying the bills via creative ideas in the current financial climate.

In today’s feature John Tulip - from Northern Film and Media – gives us the hard facts regarding the state of regional creative industries here in the UK.

Plus in the tech session Dom and Producer Alistair asked what is a Podcast and how we can use them to benefit us.

Find out on the MYOB Show!

Want to get in to Podcasting, why not check out these book...

Podcasting for Dummies by Morris, Tomasi and Terra or 
How to Podcast by How Expert Press.

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Dom O'Neill

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