Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Podcast: Series 4 EP7 - "Music"

On this weeks MYOB Show Podcast Dom O'Neill and guests discuss living the dream and singing in the digital age.

Photo by By Ferroque
Dom is joined by singer Bryn Haswell to find out what life is like as a singer in the digital age.

Bryn Haswell

In today’s feature Dom explains the difference between downloading and streaming content and how that effects the way your audience will use your content.

Being self employed or freelance is a lifestyle and not simply work work work! What you do in your time off is as important as what you do during the work day.

To help you make the most of your free time The MYOB Show introduces the all new Entertainment Feature.

This week Dom and Producer Alistair battle two giants of the streamed audio world: it’s Spotify vs Last FM.

Which of the free streaming services will suit you best? 

Find out on today's MYOB Show Podcast

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