Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Podcast: Series 4 EP8 - "Start Up"

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 Feature 1:
We are all creative and love to do what we do!

However we all live in the real world too (well most of us anyway) which means we need to pay the bills. With that in mind this weeks first feature is about the trials and tribulations of setting up a creative company.

Our guests are digital creatives Sarah Armstrong and Martin Stanley from Ground Six

Plus journalist Ruth Mitchell explains how to keep up your motivation when starting out in business.
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Feature 2:

In this weeks second feature we chat to a brand expert - William Aruda - about "Brand You". Its a corporate idea but a very unobtrusive one, so its 100% worth a listen to (even for those of us wanting to escape the corporate world).

Feature 3:

Me investing in rest - Zia Kos
Plus in the band new travel feature we discover: why you need to Invest in Rest - especially if you are busy!

Dom O'Neill and producer Alistair look into why it pays to give yourself a break.

Can't afford a holiday? Think again! We have advice, which you can use to allow yourself to save for that holiday you deserve.

Find out how on this weeks MYOB Show!

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Plus in the next few week on the blog we find out how to bag a bargain holiday and why you should travel off season. 

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