Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Podcast: Series 4 EP9 - Web Video

This weeks MYOB Show is the final one of the series and we are finding out how to make the online digital world work better for you!

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Feature 1:

We chat to photographer Laura Pearman of Pearman photography about the benefits of learning to shoot on film rather than a digital camera. Plus we found out if the skills you learn when working with film help you get the most out of your digital tech?

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Feature 2:

Film is great but realistically digital is better for basic day to day web videos. 

Do you create web videos? 

If not you might want to think about it as video blogs and web virals are great inexpensive ways to spread your message. 

With that in mind Alistair and Dom found out how to create great looking video content. It's not about what kit you have or how much cash you have to throw at a project but how you use the equipment which you can afford!

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Feature 3:

In the Entertainment section we are reviewing the weeks best Podcasts and audio books to make your dead time (such as commuting) more entertaining.

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 Want some ideas on what to download this week? 

find out on The MYOB Show!

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