Friday, 5 April 2013

Snapshot of a Pro-Photographer

In today's MYOB blog we get a snapshot at the life of Laura Pearman - Laura is living her dream as a pro-photographer - and we'll find out how Laura became a success in a difficult industry.

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Laura's back story:

Question: "How long have you been a photographer?"

"I can remember having my first camera at the age of about 10.  But I never really discovered I had the beginnings of a passion for it till I was on my 2nd round the world adventure in 2007."

Question: "What attracted you to photography?" 

"Whilst traveling with my now fiancĂ©, I experienced professional photography first hand.  Thom (fiance) had trained as a photographer before I met him, and I was intrigued by his passion to get up at ungodly hours, just to catch the right light in a shot.  Whilst getting up and watching what he was doing, I began assisting without knowing it.  Asking a million questions and sub consciously learning.  When I told him I really liked this whole photography game, he seized my compact digital camera from me and we bought a 35mm in Wellington New Zealand.  From then on I was officially hooked.
I have always wanted to have my own business, ever since being a child.  I'm by nature a control freak, and I like having total responsibility over my success or demise.  Pairing my passion with this was just the natural step for me.  If I remain a success I can totally dictate my life, doing something I love."

Question: "What kind of photos do you like to take?"

Laura's Answer:

"This is a question that can get annoying.  When you learn about photography at any college, you are told over and over that you MUST SPECIALISE.  I have never really wanted to do this, I simply love taking photographs.  Its a way of freezing a tiny piece of time.  Whether that be a geographical documentation of a beautiful Landscape you have methodically planned, or a building, or a family unaware you have caught them at their most natural state, or the voyeuristic style in Street photography, or something totally artificial and thought out like a fashion or food piece, I just love it all.  My dream is to remain this way.  I want to have a successful living in mainly portraiture and corporate photography, but when I have a chain of studios doing this in my style, I like to dream I'll be traveling around meeting new people to take photo's of, and then getting really out there and arty."

 Has Laura inspired you to follow your dream in photography? If so here's some books you may want to check out for advice...

The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-step Secrets for How to Make Your Photos Look Like the Pros' by Scott Kelby

I hope they help. 

Take care, 

Dom O'Neill 

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