Friday, 26 April 2013

Watch out for Wet Seasons

We all love to travel here at MYOB Show. There is nothing better than taking a well earned break somewhere exotic and warm. 

However you do need to watch out for wet seasons. With spring on the way, it may be getting warmer in Europe but that is not always the case in other parts of the world.

You go for this...

But you get this!
You can be disappointed by the weather for free at home... You have no need to travel half way round the world for that kind of disappointment. If you want to avoid a depressingly damp holiday you need to watch out for wet seasons!

Where to watch out for?

Australia's wet season (on the popular back packer trail - Sydney to Cairns) is during their summer - in and around January.

The Gambia and many areas in Africa (where many of us like to go on safari) have a wet season in the Spring.
Plus I've found that the Mediterranean area (eg. Spain, Spanish Island and even Cyprus) do not have reliable weather in October - it can rain hard and consistently.

How can I spot a wet season?

A quick Google or Bing search will bring up average temperatures and rainfall charts for most places in the world. Its probably obvious but if the charts show a peak in rain and a drop in average temperatures then you can guess that is the wet season.

Lonely Planet Guides and The Rough Guide books (specific to the places where you want to visit) will help you decide when you should and shouldn't travel. 

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Have happy warm travels folks.

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