Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What is Web Streaming?

In today's blog we are answering the question "what is streaming and how is it different from downloading"? 

  What is streaming?

A streamed audio file always “live online” in the cloud (on a sever). You access and engage with files online. You never own them or have them stored on your computers.

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How is streaming different to downloading?

In the past you would search for and find audio or video files online. Once you found the file you wanted, you then had to download it to a device you owned (usually a computer). After the file was downloaded you could then move it to a potable player or play it from your computer.

Streaming on the other hand can be as simple as searching and finding files using a web enabled device then playing the file from the web site where you found it.

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Is streaming new?

Live streamed radio has been around for many years in the 2 forms. 

1. AM and FM stations simulcasting (broadcasting online what is being broadcasted on the AM and FM frequencies). 
2. Web only radio stations streaming output online.

Who uses streaming?

Thanks to the introduction of super fast broadband, wifi, 3G and 4G more and more media platforms are turning to streaming.

Now Podcasters, audio book producers, video bloggers and countless others have jumped on the streaming bandwaggon. 

Streaming has become more popular thanks to “the cloud”. Online cloud based sites, for example Spotify, Mixcloud and Soundcloud allow internet enabled users to store, access and consume data online. In English: Listeners never need to own a song or download a radio show ever again. Everything can now be streamed and accessed remotely via a web enabled device such as a smartphone. 

The days of time consuming downloading, file moving and manual syncing are on the way out.

What next?

Tomorrow we will look at the good and bad points of streaming. Plus we find out why you should get involved and how your audience will benefit when you do.

If you want to know more check out these the books...

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Dom O'Neill

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