Wednesday, 8 May 2013

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel at the Start of the Holiday Season

 Off season travel is great, as we found out in the blog Why Travel off season. However it dose beg the question - is it best to go at the start or the end of the off season? In this blog we look into 5 reasons why it is best to travel at the start of the off season. This opinion is base on my experiences - traveling both at the start and the end of the European off season.

Why the start of the season is so good? 

1. The weather is more reliable.

2. The weather is getting increasingly warmer and drier. 

3. The days are becoming longer. 

4. Most resorts are repaired and maintained over the winter so when you turn up at the start of a season your hotel and its rooms will be fresher and renewed. 

  5. The staff are rested, happier and in better spirits. I find at the end of a season resort staff can become understandable grumpy, tired and lazy. (Which although is understandable) It takes away from the enjoyment of a holiday.

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