Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Entertainment: Beset & The Infinite Monkey Cage

Welcome today’s MYOB Show with Dom O’Neill

On today’s show we remember that the freelance life is not all about work - we look into what is out there for you to read and listen to to make the most out of your spare time. 

 This week we chat to author Lee Bullen about his self published book Beset. Plus Producer Alistair Goodier and I talk about our favorite On-Demand radio show at the mo - The Infinite Monkey Cage.

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So what's on today's Show

One to read

Joining us via Skype for his home in Tenerife is author Lee Bullen. On today’s on-demand show via the player above we speak to Lee about his new self published book which looks at the highs and lows of the recession which has rocked Europe.

A face to the name: this is Lee Bullen

What is Beset about? 

 “A memoir with a difference.

The true story of a single father who embarks on a personal journey like no other following a slide into emotional and financial crisis. As problems mount, internal chaos grows and his young son’s autism worsens, he realises that he himself is his own worst enemy and begins to unearth the true meaning to his life...

Set on the island of Tenerife during the recession, this stirring true story of a father overcoming his demons for the sake of his children and himself will inspire divorcees, single parents and anyone struggling in these times of financial crisis.

‘BESET’ – A modern memoir of one man on an enlightening journey of self discovery.

“99% of this story is true, 1% is outrageous liberty-taking. Although, I may only be 99% telling the truth when I say that. I only really remember 1% of what happened!” - Lee Bullen

Where can I read Beset?

On-demand Radio (Podcast)

We all love to read here at the MYOB Show however there are times when reading is tricky - traveling, exercising and driving are three example that come to mind. So how about an on-demand radio show (or Podcast) to keep you entertained and educated while you are doing other things?

But what to listen too:

The Infinite Monkey Cage:
What is the show about?

The show is an award winning science and comedy chat show with Brian Cox, Robin Ince and some really interesting expert and funny guests. It’s a witty, irreverent, entertaining and fun look at the world we live in and the science behind it. Whether you love science or not this show is a must listen to. It puts complex ideas in such a simple way that you learn without even knowing it and you'll be wanting to know more by the end of each show.

How to listen?

via Tunein

Via the BBC

Or buy the CD at Amazon

Want to know more? Listen to this weeks MYOB Show for a full review of both lee's book and the Infinite Monkey cage. 

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Life and living the dream is more than just work, you need to make the most out of play to. Today's book and on-demand radio show (Podcast) will defiantly brighten up your free time and make dead time such as commuting or house work so much easier to deal with!

Take care,

Dom O'Neill

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