Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to: Make Money Out of Business Travel

Welcome to today's MYOB Show with me Dom O’Neill and Producer Alistair Goodier

All of us in the arts, media and creative industries need to travel for work but how do you make business trips work for you?
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On today’s MYOB Show we delve into an often untapped resource - that of making money out of business travel (as a freelancer).

Most of us are looking for extra ways to make a penny or two to help you live the dream, pay the bills and keep the wolf from the door. In today’s MYOB Show we look into some of the tricks of the trade which will enable you to maximise any income made from freelance or self employed work. 

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What's on today's Show? 

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Business Travel:

1. Keep recipes you can claim expenses such as food back against your tax at the end of the year.

2. Get a set amount for dinner? Pocket it and have a pot noodle (or a cheap healthy alternative).

3. Get paid a set amount for a hotel stay? Stay in a cheap B & B, hostel, stay round a mates house, couch surf or even camp - then pocket the difference.

4. Get money towards travel? Book the cheapest journey and pocket any difference.

5. Travel 1st class (it can be cheaper than 2nd)

That’s only the start however! Want to know more? Listen to this weeks MYOB Show.

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