Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to: Monetize Your Blog

Welcome to this weeks MYOB Show presented by Dom O’Neill.
Love to blog? Want to use blogging as another vital income stream? In today’s MYOB Show via the player below we find out how to monetize your blog.

Find out how on today's MYOB show!

 Monetize in is a dirty corporate word which basically means making money out of. It can be a touchy subject in the blogging world, however I believe making an income from a blog is a good thing both for the blogger and the blog reader. Money made from a blog will allow a blogger to invest more time and effort into a blog and in turn the quality level will raise, which can only be a good thing for the blog reader.

 Many bloggers are happy to blog for the love of it but there are others who could do with an extra income a blog can provide. 

In today's show we find out how you can turn your fun spare time blog into another crucial financial income stream. It’s hard work but people do succeed so why can’t you?!

One person who has done just that is our guest via Skype Sally Whittle.

 Who is Sally Whittle?

A face to the name: Sally Whittle

Sally is a Journalist and Blogger. She also founded the Mad Blog Awards, Blog camp UK, Tots 100 and Foodies 100 blog Directories.  Plus Sally is the author of the Who's the Mummy blog… phew I’m tired just thinking about how busy her day is! 

In today’s interview Dom O’Neill chats to Sally about how you go about starting to monetize your blog…

Sally is clearly the women to talk to on this subject so Dom asked her...

Is writing your business or your love?

Can online writing and blogging ever be a serious 1st income?

How much time do you spend writing compared to other business things" (eg. doing tax, hiring staff or other paperwork)?

How can you avoid over selling and cheapening the look of your blog?

Is respectability of  blog a big selling point?

Why should I play the long game?... I need money now!

Is it expensive to monetize a blog?

Would you recommend blogging to others who want to make a living out of writing?

Answers to all that and so much more are on this weeks MYOB Show via the player below.

The MYOBPlayer

Take care,

Dom O'Neill

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