Friday, 24 May 2013

MYOB Show - EP1 - Series 5

 Welcome to this weeks show!

The MYOB Show - for freelancers and self employed folk in the arts, media and creative industries.

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What's on today's show?!!
Feature 1 - Business:

Putting a face to the name: Mr Paul Dunn

In this weeks creative business feature we find out how to put on a micro budget stage show. We work out how you get an idea from page to stage using tiny budgets. Don't worry... it can be done!

To help us we were joined by Paul Dunn - an actor and creative chap currently living the dream running the theatre company company Sunderland Rep.

Feature 2 - Tech:

In the tech session find out how to monitize your blog to give you another vital income. It’s hard work but people do succeed, so why can’t you?!

A face to the name: Sally Whittle
Our guest is Sally Whittle a Journalist and Blogger who has a successful business in the online writing industry.

Feature 3 - Travel:

Rest & relaxation can be great value!

 In this weeks travel feature we are answering the question how do you spot a good value holiday over a cheap one?

You free time is precious and you don't want to waste it on the wrong holiday!

  Dom and Alistair discuss their top tips to avoid destination disappointment.
That's all on this weeks MYOB Show!

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