Thursday, 30 May 2013

Writing for Love Not Money

Welcome to today’s MYOB Show with me Dom O’Neill.

The tech may have moved on but the love of writing is still strong in the digital age.
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   Last week we spoke to Sally Whittle a successful journalist and online writer about monetizing your blog. This week we look at writing from the other side of the coin. There are many people who write and blog because they love it and the financial rewards (if any) are incidental.

 One lover of writing is writer, blogger and friend of the show Kathryn Brown.

Listen to how Kathryn successfully lives one life as a farmer and the other as a published author.

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Who is Kathryn Brown?
Putting a face to the name: Kathryn Brown

Kathryn Brown is a mother and farmer in Northumberland (in the North East of England). When not tending to the farm Kathryn is also known by her blogger name . Plus she has found time in her busy life to be a writer of two published books Nightingale Woods and Discovery at Rosehill.

On today’s show via the player above we find out how and why you might want to consider juggling a “normal job” while writing a book

Dom asked Kathryn:

Is writing your business or your love?

How do you decide how much time you give to your creative projects each week?

Are you a farmer or a writer or would you class yourself as both?

What are the benefits of keeping up the day job?

Can the day job allow your dream to stay interesting?

To find out answers to all these question and so much more check out this weeks MYOB Show, you never no it could put you one step closer to living your dream!

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