Friday, 7 June 2013

How to: Low Stress Travel

If you are freelance or self employed in the arts, media or creative industries you will no doubt need to travel from time to time.

Traveling can be a stressful part of the business so on today’s MYOB Show we look into simple ways you can make traveling abroad for work (and play) less stressful for you and those you work with.

Jetting off for work? What should you be thinking about?

Want to know the key to stress free (creative) business travel?

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On today’s Show

We find out why organisation and communication is the key to a stress free trip abroad both for you (and your team).

We discover why you need a cloud based email.

Got a photocopier or a smartphone with a camera? It could save you time and trouble!

What credit, bank cards and other cards do you bring with you abroad? Do you need all of them?

Hint -
- 1x credit card is useful when buying purchases.

- 1x cash card or debit card is useful to take cash out of an ATM abroad.

- Try to make sure your credit card is from a different bank and issuer to the cash or debit card (if you have a problem with one bank or card issuer the other card will not be effected)

Plus inform your bank if you plan to travel abroad.

Is there any trouble where you are going?
Check out what the UK government web site has to say. 

Not got the money for flashy transport options or extras?

Traveling on a budget? Need to save cash on your stress free exotic business trip?

 On today's show find out why you shouldn’t skimp on travel insurance and a safe in your hotel. 

However MYOB travel blogs will help you find the right savings...

The blogs...
 Why Travel at the Start of the Season?
How to Make Money Out of Business Travel and Why Travel off Season?
Will help!

Want to know more? 

Listen to this weeks MYOB Show!

Happy travels,

Dom O’Neill

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