Monday, 3 June 2013

How to: Succeed at Working from Home

Sick of the journey to work? Hate giving a huge chunk of your money to landlords? Want more flexibility in your life? Then why not work from home?

You Could Live Here...
Or here... The fact is you can make it work!
In the digital information age that we live in, working for home is now easier to do than ever before. It’s a cost affective, flexible and realistic way to do business in the tough economic situation we are all forced to live it. 

A laptop and the internet could be all you need!!

It may not have worked for you in the past but now it really can! 

Find out how to today’s MYOB Show!

Our guest today is creative business man Ed O’Neill from English in Newcastle.

Who is Ed O’Neill?
Putting a face to the name: Ed O'Neill

Today on the show Ed goes into detail on his Top 10 tips for working from home (Based on his guest blog).

1: Have a Clearly Defined ‘Office’

2: Treat Your office like a workplace

3: Be Disciplined – Plan Your Time

4: Exploit Being at Home to the Max – Seize every benefit you can

5: Vary Your Days – Every Day

6: Divide Your ‘Work’ and ‘Home’ life Clearly

7: You’ve Gotta Love It

8: Go Out and Be Sociable

9: Be Strict with Your Family and Friends during ‘Working Hours’

10: Don’t Always Work from Home!

Want to know more?

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