Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to: Upload & Distribute a Podcast

Want to present a radio show? Not sure how to get into the industry?

 Back in the day it was simple, you found a radio station you wanted to work at, you badgered them for any work experience, they once you were in you worked your way up the career ladder. 

The radio industry today is very different beast - where training and job security for new presenter is almost non-existent. 

What can you do?

 As a result many talented new presenters are turning to On-Demand platforms such as Podcasting to house and distribute their shows. If you want to join the digital revolution and create your own online On-Demand radio show, one of the major considerations will be where and how to house it?

On today's MYOB Show we discover how to upload, house and distribute your online On-Demand radio show. 

Find out the tricks of the trade...

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Step one: House your Podcast 

 Step two: Promote and distribute your show:

Use directories such as...

5 elements you should be thinking about?

- Where you want to house your On-Demand show (Podcast).

2 - Do you want unlimited downloads?

3 - Which directories should you use?

4 - How do you create an RSS feed?

5 - How can you link my RSS feed to a Podcast directory?

Find all the answers you need on this weeks MYOB Show. Use our advice then your Podcast will be linked and playable by the outside world.

Not sure? Sound too hard?
It's not as hard or as complex as it sounds but it will take some trial error and research. 


This method of Podcasting can be very cost effective. You can get Podcast housing for free but most reasonable price plans are between $5 - $20 (most charge in US$). You can get a currency converter here

Who can get the most out of it?

 Podcasting and On-Demand radio can be a really good way to get your message out and get yourself heard as a new presenter. Many talented new presenters, actors and creative folk have been spotted via Podcasts. There are even Podcaster's who turn a profit from their work, it's not easy but if others can do it why can't you?!

You can do it!!!

For more info and loads more hints, tips and advice...

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I hope the show helps!

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Take care,

Dom O'Neill 

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