Monday, 10 June 2013

Living the Dream in a Second Language

When it's grey outside and there's stories of continued austerity on the news it's very tempting to come to the decision that life would be better in elsewhere in the world.

For many of us a move abroad will often mean a change of language. 
A face to the name: Dom O'Neill - In a sunnier place

On today's MYOB Show we find out the realities of living the dream  in a second language.

To help me find out what it's really like, we turn to Skype and speak to Molly Sears who left the UK for a life in Spain.

Are you tempted to make a move?

Want to know what you need to consider when moving abroad to a non-English speaking country?...

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Who is Molly?
A Face to the name: Molly Sears-Piccavey

 "Molly Sears-Piccavey is originally from D.H Lawrence country, Nottinghamshire but has lived in Spain since 1998. Initially she moved to Barcelona and was there for over eight years. Now she lives in Southern Spain in Granada. Molly speaks fluent Spanish and English as well as some French and Catalan.

Molly has a full time role in a Spanish Multinational company. In her spare time she keeps a blog updated about life in Andalusia & Spain: You can also find Molly on twitter: @piccavey" - Molly Sears-Piccavey
 What we asked?

- Why did you leave the UK?

- Did you speak the language before you moved there?

- Has the move benefited you?

- Would you recommend moving abroad?

- Are there any tips you could offer for those who are thinking of starting a new life abroad?

Want to move to move abroad to sunnier parts or to a place with seemingly more opportunities"? If so, you need to listen to this weeks MYOB Show to find out the realities of living the dream in a second language.

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  1. If you are thinking of going abroad to work or even live this is well worth listening to. Very Good advice and sound reasoning.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Robert

  3. Very inspiring thoughts shared here!! I've intention to learn a second language and this post mentioned views pretty much inspired to live up my dream nicely. I just enjoyed the lovely notes shared here. Thanks.