Monday, 17 June 2013

The First Step to Creative Success

Should working in the media, arts and creative sector be a fun and enjoyable experience?

We think so... however we hear time after time about horror stories of creative folk who have found themselves working for tyrants, dictators and bullies.

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On today's show we discover the simple truth that making your team feel valued is the biggest step on the road to creative success.

Find out how to be a great creative leader…

Listen to The MYOB Show!

Today's show is being told from the point of view of a successful low budget film producer however host of the advice in today's show can be replicated across the creative industry.

 © tUKe Productions Europe
  We at MYOB understand the need to take the business side of creativity seriously because if the money stops no-one gets paid. However if working in the creative industries becomes neither fun nor interesting then what is the point! We can all be bored and under valued in the corporate word - where we would be working less hard and have a greater job security.

We believe every creative person worth their salt wants to do the best job they can at all times. It's up to those of us who manage such people to inspire them to do the best they can. 

Want to know how to get the most out of the creatives you work with? Want to know how to inspire your experienced crew and excited volunteers?

Then listen to The MYOB Show!

Who's on the show?

Presenter: Dom O'Neill - Who is a Master of Arts in Radio Production (& Management) and has a BA (Hon) Degree in Media Production. Dom also has 10 years experience in the broadcast industries in the UK.

Guest: Steven Woods – “I am ACT 2 CAM's Producer. I have worked as an actor and director for 20 years. I graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama in 1999 and have extensive experience training young actors.”

What is ACT 2 CAM?

“We run courses designed and delivered by education experts, observing contemporary Teaching and Learning guidelines. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in education, in both the state and private sector. We teach the skills necessary for you to find work in film and television, acting or film making.”  -

Want to know more success in digital media?

We hope they help.

Dom O'Neill

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