Friday, 28 June 2013

Travel Tips: Self Catering vs All Inclusive

Working Hard? Need a break? 

Take one!

You deserve it! 

Freelance and self employed folk are notorious for not giving themselves the time off which they need (often for understandable reasons).

If you know you have a week off, why not jump online and see what offers you can get on a week relaxing in the sun?! You never know your next trip away could be cheaper than you think. Want advice on how to get cheap trips away check out The MYOB Show Travel blogs 

Travel Tips: Cheap vs Good Value Travel

How to Bag a Bargain Holiday 

Why Travel Off Season?

Before you go you have an important choice... if you're on a budget (and you want to stick to it) do you go all inclusive or self catering. Self catering is cheaper up front but is it good value in the long run? We'll find out on today's MYOB Show.

Who's On The Show 

 Presenter: Dom O'Neill - long time broadcast industry freelancer and seasoned traveler.

 Producer: Alistair Goodier - who has a great knowledge of European and middle Eastern travel.

Why Listen?
You may not get much chance to go holiday so when you do, you want to have the best time that you can (for your budget). On The MYOB Show we know the needs of freelancers and creative people so we tailor our content to offer you what you need to know. 

To make your next holiday truly epic find out if you need a cheap as chips self catering break or a relaxing all inclusive holiday on...

The MYOB Show!

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