Wednesday, 24 July 2013

3 Elements to Intern Success

The three key elements to intern or work experience success... 

They are: Time, Money and Benefit. 
Don't waste time and energy doing jobs that are not worth it. If someone offers you work you need to remember the three elements...
Working for the love and experience? Make sure you don't get ripped off! Make sure you have at least two out of three of the Elements to intern success!
Element 1 - Time
Is the length of the contract worth my time? 

Element 2 - Money
Are you offered enough money to repay you for your efforts? Is the cash worth the time spent?  

Element 3 - Benefits

"Will I benefit (in a non-cash way) or learn something that will benefit me later?" 

 Why Listen?
On today's MYOB Show we will find out how you can make the elements above work for you and ensure you are not being ripped off while you are on the lower rungs of the creative career ladder.
When you start you career you need to make sure you are in as strong a position as possible if you want to succeed!
Find out how three simple elements will defuse the mine field which is working for free.
Learn what you need to know... 
On The MYOB Show! 

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