Monday, 22 July 2013

How to be a Pro-Photographer

Do you dream of making a successful living in photography? If so you need to listen to today’s MYOB show! 

To help us find out how to be pro-photography success story Dom and the team are joined in the studio by photographer and all round legend Laura Pearman of Pearman Photograhy.

Who’s on the show?

Guest: Laura Pearman – Who can remember having her first camera at the age of 10. Laura has always wanted to have her own business and likes having total responsibility over her success or demise.

Presenter: Dom O’Neill
- A Master of Arts in Radio Production (& Management) and a BA (Hon) in Media Production plus 10 years experience in the broadcast industries in the UK - Dom knows how to survive and succeed in the creative freelance world. 

In today's MYOB Show we get a snapshot at the life of a pro-photographer - and we'll find out how Laura became a success in a difficult industry. Plus we discover how you could do it too! If you have the love of the subject and the time (and funds) make it happen you can be a success too.

  Find out how to make it in the exciting but competitive world of professional photography…

Only on The MYOB Show!

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What is the MYOB Show?

MYOB Show is here to help you live the dream! We are the most honest and realistic show dedicated to giving you all the info you need to kick start your career in the arts, media and creative industries. MYOB Show is on the radio & online as an on-demand radio programme. The show is full of useful tips, discussions and information to help folk like yourself adjust to life after the 9-5.

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