Friday, 5 July 2013

How to: Low Stress Plane and Train Travel

Of the 1.3 billion journeys made by rail every year there are 266 million business journeys between Britain's cities -

 One blogger claims to know that there are 144,000 people in the air right now - Source

That’s a lot of people and a lot of potential stress! With everyone rushing about the planet it’s becoming more important than ever for us all to discover how to make travel less stressful.

Today on the show we are talking about de-stressing air and rail travel.

Making flying less stressful – is it possible?

Find out why simple things such as travelling hand luggage only, checking in online and printing out your own boarding pass can make a huge difference to your stress level while in the air.

Plus if you do need to bring hold luggage find out why you should pack 2 days worth a emergency clothing and why you need to make sure your luggage stands from the crowd.

How to make your train journey more pleasant?

We discover why kids should be banned from the quiet coach. Why it’s best to book in advance and why it’s best to check out 1st class even if you’re travelling on a budget!

Plus it’s always best to bring something to read such (as our travel blogs).

Or if reading while moving makes you sick why not try an audio book, spotify mobile or a Podcast?

Who’s on the show?

Presenter: Dom O'Neill - Dom has 10 years experience in the broadcast industries travelling all over the UK. Plus he has travelled extensively throughout Europe while also visiting Africa, North America and Australia.

Alistair Goodier - Alistair has a great knowledge of European and middle Eastern travel.

We all need to travel for work and play and in the modern day and with petrol being at an all time high many of us are turning to mass transport (planes and trains) to get us about the country.

Don’t let journey anxiety ruin your day, find out how to limit the stress of travel on today’ MYOB Show!

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