Monday, 1 July 2013

It'll Be Alright on The Night

When you are part of a live stage show and it has to be alright on the night, you need all the help you can get to make your show a success. 

The simple act of having your team on your side can make and break you production!

On Today’s MYOB Show we discuss how to keep moral high on a theater set? We find out why a positive attitude for all is so important? What can go wrong if your team suffer from low moral? How to keep your team happy? And we find out why positivity needs to start at the top.

Who’s On The Show?

 Presenter: Dom O’Neill - With a Master of Arts in Radio Production (& Management) and a BA (Hon) Degree in Media Production plus 10 years experience in the broadcast industries in the UK - Dom knows how to survive and succeed in the creative freelance world.

Producer: Alistair Goodier – Currently studying a Masters Degree in Radio Production (& Management) at the University of Sunderland.

Guest: Paul Dunn – Founder and artistic director of Sunderland REP. A presenter and writer for a local radio station (and magazine brand) Spark FM (and Spark Magazine). Plus he finds time to have a YouTube Channel and work at Beamish Museum as a costumed demonstrator.

The fact is if you look after your creative team, it will be alright on the night – find out how on The MYOB Show!

That’s all to come on Today’s MYOB Show.

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What is the MYOB Show?

MYOB Show is here to help you live the dream! We are the most honest and realistic show dedicated to giving you all the info you need to kick start your career in the arts, media and creative industries. MYOB Show is on the radio & online as an on-demand radio programme. The show is full of useful tips, discussions and information to help folk like yourself adjust to life after the 9-5.

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