Monday, 15 July 2013

Living the Dream & Keeping Costs Low

Today on the show we find out how to survive on the lower rungs of the creative career ladder (when you are expected to work very hard for pennies or even for free).

The creative industries are great to be involved in but with so many interesting and creative people already in the industry it's often hard to make your mark. 

Unless you've came out the right womb you'll need to start at the bottom and work our way up. 

The fact of the matter is that the people who get to the top are often the ones who have both talent but also have played the long game and managed to stick it out through the hard times at the start. 

On today’s MYOB Show we find out how to keep cost down when you are starting out and doing your time on the lower rungs of the in the creative industry ladder.

Who’s On The Show?

Guest - Paul Dunn: Long time creative chap and founder / artistic director of Sunderland REP. A presenter and writer for Spark FM and writer for Spark Magazine. Paul also has a YouTube Channel and works at Beamish Museum as a costumed demonstrator.

Presenter - Dom O’Neill - With a Master of Arts in Radio Production (& Management) and a BA (Hon) Degree in Media Production plus 10 years experience in the broadcast industries in the UK - Dom knows how to survive and succeed in the creative freelance world.

Producer: Alistair Goodier – Currently studying a Masters Degree in Radio Production (& Management) at the University of Sunderland.

We find out –

How to never pay for anything you don’t need to?
Why favors are vital!
Why a gym is more then just a place to run in the dry?
Why you should be think about second hand?
And also how to find and blag freebies!

Plus loads more top tips to help you keep your cost down and help make life easier in the early days of your creative career.

Find out what you need to now on 
The MYOB Show!

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Dom O'Neill

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