Friday, 26 July 2013

Travel Tips: Start vs End of the Season

This week we ask the question - should you book at the start or the end of the holiday season if you are looking for the perfect bargain break?

We at The MYOB Show love to travel off season as it’s perfect for freelancers and self employed folk who don’t have to fit into rigid holiday patterns (unlike many staffers).

Why is Off Season so good?

Travel and accommodation is cheaper. Hotels and popular attractions are less busy. Temperatures will be hot but not too hot. Most of all there are some great deals to be had!

Who’s on the show?

Presenter: Dom O'Neill - Dom has 10 years experience in the broadcast industries travelling all over the UK. Plus he has travelled extensively throughout Europe while also visiting, Africa, North America and Australia.

Producer: Alistair Goodier
- who has a great knowledge of European and middle Eastern travel.

Want to beat the crowds?

Why listen?

On today’s show we discover the questions you need to be asking before you book your off season holiday. We find out how to avoid bad weather blues. Plus we discover all you need to know before you go on your well earned off season break. 

Want to bag a bargain break while avoiding holiday disappointment? Want to know if you should book at the start or end of the holiday season? Then you need to listen to...

 The MYOB Show!

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What is the MYOB Show?

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