Monday, 26 August 2013

How to Cancel on a Job?

On today's MYOB Show to delve into a very touchy subject. One that effects all creative freelancers and self employed folk at some point - but it's a subjects that is rarely talked about.

What's the subject?

How to cancel on a job?

What we'll find out?

A face to the name: Dom O'Neill
Experienced freelancer Dom O'Neill - with 10 years experience in the UK broadcast media industry - discusses how to legitimately get out of a contract without causing offense. How to limit stress on all involved. Plus how to avoid loosing face in front of those you may want to do business with again in the future.

Why listen to the show?

Freelancers, self employed folk and creative business people all rely on our good names and reputations to get more work and continue to live the dream doing what we love.

If you work for yourself today's programme is a much listen to show! Find out what you need to do to keep everyone happy when you are no longer able to undertake a contract.

Find out the info you need to know...

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Book 1

How To Break Bad News: Greetings From The Dark Side

What's it about?

"We all have a friend in our group that nobody really likes. Everyone knows someone in a dead end relationship they’d like to end easily. Every office has an employee who won’t stop talking about travelling the world.

In How To Break the Bad News ... The Easy Way, comedian Jarlath Regan presents the perfect way to tell that friend, ‘Nobody likes you’, to inform that clingy boyfriend that, ‘It’s over’; or to break it to that office worker that they’re fired. These are special occasions and these are things that are too difficult to say out loud even though we want to.

Jarlath's winning greeting card ideas, filled with humour and straight-talking advice, will mean you'll never be stuck for words again."

The book has been voted 5.0 out of 5 stars by Amazon users.

Amazon Reader Reviews

"An invaluable guide to everyday situations" 
 - By J. Dean

"Hilarious Reading, coffee table book of the year" 
 - Warren Mcintyre

"I had such a laugh reading it before it sadly had to be wrapped, so I went back to the shop and bought two more!" - Sarah Martin

Book 2

Dealing with Difficult People (Creating Success)

What's it about?

Moaners, fault finders, manipulators - these are just a few examples of the difficult people we put up with at work. However by understanding their motives and individual behaviours you can learn to manage aggression, avoid awkward situations and keep your cool. This second edition of the best-selling Dealing with Difficult People includes a brand new chapter on dealing with difficult people in the digital sphere. It provides the tools and techniques you need to get the best out of the worst, including how to deal with difficult customers, advice on beating bullies at their own game and how to deal with a boss who drives you barmy.

The book was give 4.0 out of 5 stars which is good. Other than me reading it and loving it in the office this book has (to date) only been reviewed by 1 Amazon reader.

However if you want to know if this book is for you, you can try for free before you buy! You can download the start of the book via the Kindle store - so if you love it you can buy the rest of the book, if not you've not lost a penny!
I hope they help.
Dom O'Neill
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