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Maximising Creative Business Travel - The MYOB Show


Following on from the On-Demand episode How to Make Money out of Business Travel on today’s MYOB Show we look into how to make the most out of your time on the road when you're travel on creative business.

Take to the road – in a company car
photo © tUKe Productions Europe
 Being away from home can be fun and exciting, however it can also be tiring, inefficient and expensive.

On today's show we look at how to make business trips work better for you (and the environment too).

Who's on the show?

A face to the name: Dom O'Neill
photo © tUKe Productions europe

Presenter: Dom O'Neill - long time freelancer and seasoned traveller who loves a bargain! Dom has travelled throughout Australia, North America, Africa and Europe.

 Producer: Alistair Goodier - who has a great knowledge of European and middle Eastern travel.

Take to the train on a business ticket
photo © tUKe Productions Europe

What we found out?
We discover how to save time, money and your carbon footprint. How to maximise business car hire and a fuel cards (as long as you ask first). Plus we find out how to find freebies and visit places for free!

We’ll give you all the answers on The MYOB Show!

Don't fly more the you have to!
Why Listen?

We all need to travel for work and the more we travel the more we need to make it work for us! Travel can be an expensive, carbon heavy and time consuming business if not done correctly. So don't let you time away go to waste. On today’s show we discover how some simple hints and tips can save you time, money and allow you to get more fun out of your time away.

Find out the tips of the trade to maximize your creative business trip...

Listen to The MYOB Show!

Want to know more?

You can find loads of info (for free) on successful creative business trips and saving money on travel via The MYOB Show blogs and Podcasts such as...

Or you can find helpful books from The MYOB Shop - books such as...

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As with most Kindle titles you can try before you buy - you can download the start of the book for free. Then if you love it you can buy the rest, if it’s not for you you’ve lost nothing and you can move on to the next title.

Book 2:

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If you want to be truly green and save cash you can buy this book second hand from amazon for around £3.


"Little known secrets on how to save money on your holiday. Don’t pay more for your holiday than you have to. Do you know how you can get your accommodation for free, have a city tour for free or get a good deal on your foreign currency? Whether you’re travelling on a package holiday or backpacking around the world ‘Been travelling on the cheap’ reveals some little known secrets and gives you tips on how to save money on your holiday. There are links to useful websites to save you hours of research as well as ideas that you have probably not thought of. No matter your budget you will be able to save money on your holiday and you will find you use the hints each time you travel so you never have to pay full price again" 

There are no reader reviews for this book yet. However this book offers some useful travel hits and tips for a very low price and as ever you can download the start of the kindle book for free to see if it’s the book for you.

I hope they help.

Take care.

Dom O'Neill


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